Monday, 20 August 2012

FW: [wri-internal-en] [wri-internal-es] HARARE POLICE LAUNCH MANHUNT FOR GALZ MEMBERS

wri-internal-en is War Resisters' International's English language discussion list, open to WRI affiliates and activists. All messages to this list are automatically translated into Spanish, French, and German.

Please do only post messages in English to this list. For posts in other languages please use:

* wri-internal-es for posts in Spanish

* wri-internal-fr for posts in French

* wri-internal-de for posts in German

For assistance, please contact the WRI office.

Important note

In order to be able to post messages to any of the lists of the wri-internal system, you need to be subscribed to all lists starting with wri-internal-. However, you only need to set your subscription to receive messages for the list of your preferred language - for all other lists you can set your subscription to no mail.

This procedure is necessary to make sure that your automatically translated messages are accepted for posting on the other lists.

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