Monday, 20 August 2012

Force Blair to testify; withdraw invite

Dear All

Not sure what we can do about it but as you know Blair is expected to attend the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit 30 August. In attached article (forgive bad cutting and pasting but couldn’t find the article on the net) is asking the Seriti Commission to subpoena him to give evidence on Britain’s involvement.

In M&G Fatima Asmal-Motala “Anger grows over invite to Blair” says that  SA Muslim Network has written to the discovery group urging that the invite to Blair be withdrawn saying they do not believe he is fit to lecture on leadership.  They are also looking at the possibility of a citizens’ arrest ( gives more info apparently).

Should Ceasefire be doing something? Anyone want to write a letter to Discovery Invest Leadership? Rob perhaps people you are in touch with on the disinvestment campaign know more about possible protests?

Best wishes, Laura

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